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March 5, 2010

Nourish Tea + some things I’ve been eating

I was super excited to win my first blog giveaway contest the other week — a tin of Yummy Chai flavoured Nourish Tea from holistic nutritionist and chef Marni Wasserman, over at Fully Nourished. Marni’s a fellow Torontonian and I look forward to meeting her in person some day soon.

Nourish Tea is a Toronto-based organic tea company, and I can attest to the fact that their Yummy Chai tea is appropriately named! The spices blend together beautifully and no one flavour is overpowering — something I often find with chai. I’ll definitely be picking up some of their other varieties next time I’m in Whole Foods. Thanks again, Marni!

I’ve been doing some dehydrating lately and now have some treats sitting in the fridge — the onion bread I used for my CLT sandwich the other night, and some rosemary crackers.

As I mentioned the other day, this onion bread tastes amazing — just like caramelized onions. I used a recipe floating around online from Matt Amsden’s cookbook Rawvolution (I don’t own it yet myself). I was fortunate enough to eat at the restaurant that inspired the cookbook — Euphoria Loves Rawvolution in Santa Monica, California. I spent a good chunk of last summer in Santa Monica, staying with a friend who literally lives a block away form the restaurant. Their relaxed, cozy, west coast vibe and good raw eats were enough to keep me coming back, and Euphoria’s green juice became a habit. They also served this amazing coconut curry jerky which I will definitely attempt to replicate some day! It’s not in the cookbook, but I’ll probably pick it up soon anyway 🙂

My other dehydrated treat was almond-flax-rosemary crackers, based on One Lucky Duck’s Rosemary Quackers. I loved them so much when I tried them in NYC that I figured it would be smart to make them on my own at home. It was a good decision — they’re deliciously salty and crunchy, go really well in salads, and appear to have a very long shelf life (although how I might know this is unclear, since they’re always scarfed down pretty quickly).

And finally, just because it looked pretty and tasted yummy, here’s a pic of my breakfast smoothie the other morning. I have a big green smoothie every morning with various different greens/fruits combos. On this particular morning, I was also blending up a strawberry-blueberry-banana protein smoothie to bring to campus and drink later in the day after my workout. But I made too much, and it wouldn’t all fit in my glass jar… so I stirred it into the green smoothie instead. It added a great punch of fruitiness to the green goodness. Yum!