Hi! I’m a mostly raw foodie in Toronto, Canada. I went vegetarian at age 12, vegan in my early twenties, and I started getting more and more into raw foods for several years ago. I’ve gradually become mostly raw, and I’m totally enamoured with the lifestyle. I’m my happiest and healthiest on a high raw vegan diet, and I love sharing this raw awesomeness with others.

On a day-to-day basis, my diet is mostly raw, meaning that I choose raw foods whenever possible (and generally prefer raw over cooked options). I’m not 100% raw, and I probably never will be. That’s fine with me — I don’t think it’s necessary to go “all the way” to reap the health benefits of raw food. I am, however, 100% vegan, and I definitely always will be. There’s nothing more satisfactory than opting out a system that harms animals, ruins public health, and degrades the environment. I also buy organic as much as possible (and as my student budget permits).

As the name of my blog suggests, I do have a sweet tooth, and I love making raw desserts. I especially love chocolate. But I also have a deep affection for unprocessed vegetables and fruits, and I definitely feel my best when I don’t eat too much of the sweet stuff, so I try to make desserts the exception — not the rule. I’ll be posting plenty of desserts, but plenty of healthier stuff, too. I’m also really into photography, so expect some decent snaps of what I’m eating — maybe I should have called this “Raw Eye Candy”!

On this blog, I plan to write about my experience on raw foods, review restaurants and products, post recipes and photos (hello, food porn!) and share raw tips and ideas.

Thanks for stopping by!

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