A farmer’s market menu

Sorry for my long absence. I was (am) sick, and just haven’t felt like blogging. But I have some great photos to share from the other week, when Lisa, Nelly and I went to the amazing Brickworks Farmer’s Market, created delicious eats, and met up with Marlie in the evening to consume said food. We made so many kinds of raw desserts! Blueberry lavendar cheesecake, apricot macarons, mango mousse & peach-ginger icebox cake. I didn’t take great photos of the finished results, so check out Nelly’s and Lisa’s posts for more details. This post will be brief on the text, and heavy on the photos.

Vegan nanaimo bars? How could we not buy one?

Raw chocolate!

Apricots. We bought a LOT.


Kale plant for sale…

I bought a stevia-sweetened lemonade. The verdict? Not bad, although definitely different. The absence of sugar, even though it still tasted sweet, definitely made me sip slower!

Apricot macarons! Recipe adapted from Matthew Kenney’s new Everyday Raw Desserts. Read all about them on Lisa’s blog.

That’s all for now! I’ll be back soon with some pics of Sweet Gratitude’s chocolate mint swirl cheesecake, which is setting in the freezer right now for a work barbecue event tomorrow. I love sharing raw desserts with non-veg, non-raw folks!!


24 Responses to “A farmer’s market menu”

  1. OMG I must go to that farmers market! Everything looks perfect! All of you ladies look absolutely beautiful and I bet the raw feast was AMAZING 🙂 xoxo Hope you feel better soon sweet pea!

  2. sounds delicious as always ! get well soon !

  3. great pictures. i love pictures of fresh food. i would love a nanaimo bar and some raw chocolate. 🙂

    i like stevia-sweetened lemonade but i make it myself, probably less intense level of stevia than others might do.

    sorry you are sick.get well soon!

  4. Aw, sorry you’re sick – hope you’re feeling better soon. Your pics look yummers! Especially those bars. Yum! And those apricot macaroons – wow! Can’t wait to hear how the cheesecake goes. 🙂

  5. Thank you for the opportunity to relive the day through your beautiful photos. I really hope this virus leaves you alone soon.

    I look forward to seeing your chocolate mint cheesecake and seeing the reaction from your colleagues. I love the power of raw desserts to sway the masses toward beliving a compassionate life is extremely satisfying.

  6. Oh no, i’m so sorry to hear you’re unwell! I hope you get better really soon. Lots of love xxxx

    PS I just want to eat one of those nanaimo bars right off the screen! I’ve never heard of them before but they look amazing.

  7. Camille! You have inspired me to set some time aside and post about our fantabulous Saturday get together (I’ve been falling behind on blog posts these days). I can’t believe it was almost two weeks ago that we had the meal! Thank you so much for inviting me to join in on the evening festivities. I wish I had been able to join you all earlier in the day. Hope you are feeling better soon girl!!

  8. bella bella photos as well!!! 🙂

  9. Gorgeous pictures!!! I wish my Farmer’s Market has some of those goodies! I love stevia lemonade..mm..macaroons! Such a fun, yummy time!

  10. Okay that is it I am moving to Canada!!! I must be near you girls ; ) xoxo

  11. What a great farmer’s market and I hope you are feeling better! Enjoy!

  12. Oh my gosh, all of the food looks so good! I’ve never tried the edible blossoms (gerkins) before, but there’s a first for everything, right?
    And ohhhh my god, those macaroons look heavenly. Love raw desserts

  13. Such beautiful photos!
    Vegan nanimo bar’s?? Amazing!

  14. I love the pics.Raw Desserts are my favorite, anything cocoa.lol Peace and RawLove

  15. LOVE your pictures! Just beautiful! I wish I could find squash blossoms here……Hope you are feeling better. Aloha 🙂

  16. your farmers market is awesome. so many good things to offer. it looks like you had a good week of food. i’m a first time commenter, but absolutely love your blog.



    I’m serious. pleeeasse come back.

    -Amy 🙂 (but actually I understand you are probably drowning in work at school)

  18. What a delicious array of fresh foods. Your photography is lovely. 🙂

  19. Okay I am so jealous. This market looks amazing. Just wondering where it was? I am about an hour away from T.O and so glad to have found your site which is great by the way. Look forward to following you.

  20. Your blog is lovely. Do you post anymore?

  21. watch out for sabra hummus- loaded with gmos


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