Watermelon Slushy

I don’t know about you, but I used to L-O-V-E slushies when I was a kid. Yes, the unnaturally-coloured and artificially-flavoured concoctions sold at corner stores in the summertime. In fact, my love of slushies continued well-beyond my childhood, as I have more recent memories of slurping down those sugary drinks in flavours like cola, orange, mountain dew, and more. My favourite flavour was all of the above – all added into one big plastic cup.

Those days are done. I don’t consume chemically-concocted “food” anymore, I haven’t had sugary drinks like pop for many years, and the thought of a slushy no longer holds the appeal it once did. However, it’s still hotter than hell in Toronto, and I’m still trying to find ways to cool down. So I created a healthy, raw, unprocessed version of this treat instead! This watermelon slushy is reminiscent of hot summer days and visits to the convenience store, but without all the refined sugar and processed junk. It’s also dead easy to make.

Watermelon Slushy


1.5 cups frozen watermelon, cubed

1.5 cups fresh watermelon


Blend fresh and frozen watermelon in blender until smooth. Sip it down, and cool off.

I made another variation on this frosty drink — a post-work out watermelon slushy, with added protein. For some reason, I find the creaminess of the other ingredients highlights the flavour of the watermelon. I think I like this one best!

Work-out Watermelon Slushy


2 cups frozen watermelon, cubed

1/2 cup almond milk

1 scoop vanilla Sun Warrior protein


Blend all ingredients until smooth.


16 Comments to “Watermelon Slushy”

  1. Hi there Sweetie! I love the sound of your post-workout smoothie…yum! 🙂 May have to give that one a go. Watermelon reminds me of holidays when I was a kid….even now every time I eat watermelon I think about running around on the beach and jumping the waves 🙂 xoxo

  2. Yum! I just went on a watermelon run with my husband, but I never save any for a smoothie! I always eat it all before I get the chance! 😉

  3. This looks great. I have been a lot of watermelon lately.

  4. oops forget “eating” I have been eating a lot of watermelon.

  5. Ooooh! I’m making this tomorrow! An excuse to buy more watermelon? Yes Please.

  6. Your watermelon slushy looks delicious and it’s super healthy- which I love! 🙂 If you are ever looking for more delicious watermelon recipes you can check out http://www.watermelon.org. We have a Watermelon Agua Fresca recipe that can be turned into a slushy type drink. Enjoy! AK

  7. Yes! Watermelon slushies rule. They’re so much better than the 7-11 kind.

  8. I love these…..they are so cool and refreshing! Love the color! Enjoy!

  9. Yummy! This looks sooo good and would be perfect for the scorcher days we’ve been having! 🙂

  10. These both sound delicious. For some reason, I don’t have much luck with watermelon blended, looses its flavor. I like the workout slushy and I’m also curious about the protein you mentioned, is it hemp?

  11. I couldn’t agree more about the creaminess of the protein powder – which is so weird, because you wouldn’t think protein powder + watermelon = good…. But, it does!!

  12. Camille! I’ve become addicted to watermelon slushies this summer 🙂 I make mine with the juice of 1 lemon. I love your combination of the protein source – I’ll have to try that out. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

  13. Stumbled upon your website today and definitely enjoyed reading some of your blogs. I look forward to you coming back and posting more shortly! We recently added the Sun Warrior products on our website (http://www.superhealthnation.com) as they truly are the best source of vegan protein on the market!

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