Raw goodies in the mail + Veggie Pride

Last week was chocolate-filled for me, thanks to Heathy! My prize for winning her ice cream cake challenge was a package of raw treats prepared by the lovely lady herself. I’m not sure if I could possibly have been much more excited when I learned the parcel had arrived that day in the mail. There was some of Heathy’s coconut vanilla crunch granola (wow), some raw chocolate caramel turtles (amazing), an orange chocolate bar with gojis (delish), chocolate hemp butter-filled cups (decadent), chocolate truffles (mmm), and fruit and nut chocolate clusters (awesome). Here’s a photographic recap for your viewing pleasure. Thanks, Heather!!

Yesterday I had a great time walking in Toronto’s inaugural Veggie Pride Parade. The best part was finally getting to meet my bloggie/Twitter friend Lisa, the Vegan Cookbook Critic! She’s every bit as sweet in person as she seems on her blog. Thanks for the walk, Lisa! It was a beautiful day outside, and was made even more wonderful by the positive energy exuded by Toronto’s enthusiastic veg community.

Me and Lisa, choosing compassion

After the parade, we went to a potluck at my community garden (I made socca!), and I had the pleasure of meeting two fellow gardener ladies who are also into raw food. We chatted green smoothies, dehydration, sprouting and raw carrot cake. I ended the day feeling lucky for good friends and good food. Here’s a photo of my plot at the garden – everything is growing so well!

From left to right, I have brussels sprouts, collard greens, carrots, beets, celeriac, chard, romaine lettuce, red leaf lettuce, dinosaur kale, regular kale, and red cabbage. My patio garden is growing equally well – the kale is totally massive, and so is the rainbow chard. My patio peas are getting big, and my chickpeas are really taking off. I became obsessed with trying green chickpeas after reading this article – apparently they’re the new edamame. I’m pestering my local Whole Foods to start stocking them. But in the mean time, since I couldn’t find them in stores, I figured I’d grow my own.

I’ll end on this note: Nelly, Lisa and I agree us Toronto raw girls need to have a raw dessert party sometime soon. If you’re in the city and might like to join, let me know.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


12 Comments to “Raw goodies in the mail + Veggie Pride”

  1. oh why couldn’t 2nd place have included some choccies too? (j/k…i love my prize of heathy’s new ebook.=) she’s amazing. those truffles are making my mouth water.

    love love love your garden plot. i’ve got melon and squash sprouts popping up at mine. also love the idea of a garden potluck. i’ll have to propose one.

    green chickpeas?! i’d love to see and try those! i’d also love to grow brussels and collards. yum yum.

    (lots of lovin’ going on in this comment!=)

  2. Sounds like a fun party! Wish I was closer! 😉

    Heathy is so talented, I just loooove her creations! What an awesome prize!

    Sounds like a blast at the parade, I love meeting bloggy friends!

    Garden looks great, have a nice day!

  3. Raw dessert party???!!! Count me in girl!!!

    Your garden is the cutest thing ever 🙂 OMG you need to give me some gardening lessons – I’m so jealous !!!


  4. oh you are making me super jealous! those look great.

    the veggie pride parade sounds like fun. you girls both look gorgeous–you got the raw glow.

    i’d love to visit toronto sometime to see you all! seems like a great city.

  5. girl! congrats again on winning the cake challenge…and nice loot!!! love the pics! they are so beautiful…

    you and lisa loooooook AMAZING!!! such beautiful raw vegan/vegan chickitas…and from toronto no less! can i say it? toronto ladies rawk!!! ❤

    ok, so i now need to grow green chickpeas…please tell me where i can find them…and how to plant them…please?

    and i can't wait for our meet-up, sorry that next weekend doesn't work for me…

  6. bahhh i was stuck at a meeting during the veggie pride, and i had been so looking forward to it…

    oh man, i want to join in this raw dessert party! will you let me know whatever details you guys decide on?

  7. WOW! I love your blog, the energy!
    Very creative, très inspirant!
    Je continue de te suivre…

  8. Ah! hehehe… i recognize those! Definitely melted on the way, boo hoo 😦 But as long as you enjoyed, that’s what counts.

    LOVE that you and Lisa met up – you gals are gorgeous, and so is your garden!!!!

  9. Those treats look wonderful-Heather is so talented! I’m in the Toronto area as well, let me know if you would like to meet up sometime 🙂 I heart raw desserts! ❤

  10. Yum yum yum! What an awesome prize! And of course, congrats again on the win (you’re on a winning streak – kitchie and work!). 🙂 This pic of you two is adorable and your garden is looking awesome! WTG!

  11. yumm that choc bar with goji berries looks so good, actually all of them do! you’re garden looks great too! have a good weekend 🙂

  12. Congratulations on winning that yummy choccie prize 🙂

    Awww, you and Lisa look like you have known each other forever!

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