Catching up! Gardening & Chocolate Chai smoothie

Hello all!

I was a very bad blogger last month, but it’s not my fault: I was forced to write five law school exams and one paper. It’s a good excuse, right? Anyway, I don’t have many photos of delicious eats to share with you, as I had no time to make much of anything exciting. Apart from the mouth-watering strawberry moon pies, of course, which were a runner-up in Heathy’s Moonie Pie contest. Congrats to fellow Torontonian Lisa, whose amazing-looking lemon ginger moon pies took the win!

On that note, Heathy’s latest dessert challenge is shaping up to be fun: a contest make the Ultimate Raw Ice Cream Cake! I’m super excited for this one, as Dairy Queen ice cream cakes were always a childhood favourite. The thought of a dairy cake with tons of added sugar and other crap now turns my stomach, but a raw ice cream cake made with natural raw ingredients, like cashews and coconut, is much more appealing. The “challenge” part of this event refers to the fact that we have to come up with our own twist on one of Heathy’s recipes, and I’m mulling over a few ideas. I promise you it will be good – and will be accompanied by lots of photos!

Speaking of contest, I just won one – the Purely Delicious magazine giveaway on In The Raw! The prize is a year-long subscription to the magazine, which is totally awesome because I never see it on newsstands near me. Thanks again, Earth Mother!

Now that I’ve reclaimed my life post-exams, I’ve been working on various gardening projects for the summer. I was lucky enough to get a plot in a community garden not far from my place, and I’m currently planning out which veggies to grow. Kale is an obvious choice, as is chard — both greens are hardy and do well in mid-summer heat, unlike a lot of other more tender greens which flower and go to seed early if it gets too hot for them. I also picked up some heirloom carrot seeds, and I’ll probably also grow beats, green beans, fennel, possibly cabbage, maybe some broccoli, and whatever else seems like a good idea. This will be the first year I’ve gardened on my own, so it will be a learning experience: my goal is to have a steady stream of garden-fresh produce all summer. Thankfully, my mom has decades of gardening experience under her belt and is only a phone call away. I’d also be very grateful for gardening tips and suggestions from you!

I also have a herb garden underway on my rooftop patio. I spent a good part of today potting herbs, and they are looking great! I threw in extra cilantro because I love it, and there’s basil, sage, chives, peppermint, chocolate mint (which will go well in my smoothies!), rosemary and parsley. I’m also going to grow container peas on the patio, since there’s is a pre-existing lattice for them to climb, and they will be perfect for snacking throughout the summer. And finally, a pot or two of kale for emergencies. Although most of my kale will be in my actual garden plot, I know there will be days when I won’t want to bike all the way over to the garden to harvest the green kale goodness!

I’ll leave you with a recipe for a new smoothie I created today – the Chocolate Chai Smoothie. It contains Sun Warrior protein, because it’s a post-gym creation, but feel free to omit it if that’s not your thing. But you may want to add some extra raw cacao powder. Sorry, no picture – I was too hungry!

Chocolate Chai Smoothie


1 frozen banana

1 cup strongly brewed chai tea, chilled (I used one tea bag for this, steeped for 15 minutes)

1/2 cup almond milk

1 scoop chocolate Sun Warrior raw vegan protein powder

1 scoop Amazing Grass Chocolate Green SuperFood

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 cup ice cubes


Blend all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Slurp it down!


5 Comments to “Catching up! Gardening & Chocolate Chai smoothie”

  1. congrats on your plot…i really need to start gardening! where is your plot? is it hard to get one? i wouldn’t mind perhaps having one of my own…

    you’re going to have a plethora of veggies and herbs to play with this summer…lucky you…i am VERY envious! i’m really excited about your container peas…i love fresh peas…and i snack on them like crazy in the summer…

    have so much fun…and congrats on finishing your law exams!!!

  2. We (my husband really) garden at our local community garden – it’s fun! In fact, Mr. Yardsnacker (my husband, aka Sam) is VP. 😉 I’m so proud of him. Anyway, congrats on your plots. It’s so fun and can’t wait to see what you grow. Your patio herbs look GREAT!

    Congrats on your PD win! Such a great and beautiful magazine. Wish my local WF or market sold it. Anyway, glad you won. So exciting.

    Welcome back to blog land. Look forward to your ice cream cake creation. If I had the time to dedicate to something like that that’d be so fun but instead I’ll watch and cheer from the sidelines.

    BTW, great job on your moonies! That’s so cool!

  3. looks great! I have all the ingredients and I need to use up my chocolate sun warrior.

  4. Congrats on finishing law exams Camille!… the thought of it terrifies me! LOL
    The smoothie sounds delish – I’m a fan of chai tea and made an ice cream with it recently.
    Oh and your herb garden is super cute. I have to get going on mine – so far it’s the only kind of gardening I’ve done.

  5. sounds awesome about your community garden. i didn’t know there was such a thing as chocolate mint.

    i always look for purely delicious magazine too, and can never find it in the three health food stores i frequent… i’m jealous!

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