UliMana chocolates rock my taste buds

First, sorry for not posting for awhile! To be honest, I haven’t been making much in the way of fun raw food because I’ve been hitting the gym pretty hard and cleaning up my diet. My meals have been mostly big green smoothies with Sun Warrior protein, massive kale salads, fruit, sprouts and nuts.

Now, onto more exciting stuff. The awesome people at UliMana recently sent me some of their tasty treats (thank you, UliMana!!!), and I loved them so much that I have to share their deliciousness with you.

First off, what a great company! All of their chocolate treats and other sweets are handmade, raw, vegan and organic. The UliMana website also has a great wealth of information on the benefits of their pure, superfood ingredients, like raw cacao, coconut oil, gojis, maca and hemp. Yummy. But as nice as their website is, the real reason I like UliMana is for their mind-blowing chocolates. Here’s what I got to test out from the Tao of Cacao package they sent:

Goji Cherry Truffle & Dark Cacao Truffle. These babies were pure, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Made with raw organic chocolate, they were creamy and just the right size for a small, sweet, after-dinner treat.

Hemp Brownies. Yum! The hemp gave this brownie a sweet and nuttier flavour.

Date Roll with Chocolate. I was surprised that this was my favourite item! I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because the combination of dates and chocolate is always killer… roll them in coconut flakes, and you’ve got a winner.

Chia Moon Drop. This was also a close contender for favourite treat! The dominance of cashews gave it a majorly smooth and creamy texture.

Lemon Fig Pecan Bar. After so much chocolate, it was refreshing to taste something fruit and nut-based. I loved this one so much that I was inspired to create my own version!

Clockwise from top: Chia Moon Drop, Hemp Brownie, Lemon Fig Bar, Dark Cacao Truffle, Goji Cherry Truffle, Chocolate Date Roll

My sweet tooth was satiated after these goodies, but what might have been even better is that I felt light, healthy and energetic after eating them. Raw sweets, eaten in moderation, never have the same effect on me as sugar, flour and animal product-laced desserts used to. The take-home story is that if you haven’t tried UliMana’s raw chocolaty goodness yet, you should go for it. I haven’t seen UliMana on any Toronto store shelves yet, but I’m hoping to track them down in my city soon. They also sell raw chocolate mixes and spreads, which sound equally fantastic. Happy chocolate eating!


7 Comments to “UliMana chocolates rock my taste buds”

  1. Oh wow, how lucky are you?? Ulimana can send me treats anytime! πŸ˜‰

  2. thanks for finding me on twitter!
    about 2 weeks ago i received a little thing of uli manna too…what great stuff!

    And I have a give away on my blog right now that i just started an hour ago.

    Anyway, from one high raw vegan foodie to another, cant wait to poke around the rest of your blog!

  3. looks wonderful!

  4. ULIMANAAAA. I’ve wanted to try their treats for SO long. After Lisa Paris from RawBeets did a video on them I looked for them everywhere but couldn’t find them 😦 Not even whole foods had them! Where’d you get yours?

  5. –just read that they had sent them to you, so I’m assuming you order off their website,

    thankks πŸ™‚

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