Valentine’s Day treats

As promised, here’s a quick recap on all the sweets I made yesterday. I had been feeling inexplicably down all day — something that a trip to the gym couldn’t even cure — but finally picked up in the evening after my Valentine surprised my with roses. So I decided to make some chocolate hazelnut truffles, a la Ferrero Rocher. These were totally made up as I went along, and I had no idea how they would turn out. I think I have some thoughts on how to make an even closer approximation next time, but these were still pretty damn decadent.

The specific type of Ferrero Rocher treats I wanted to copy are the ones with a softer milk chocolate hazelnut interior, encased in harder, dark chocolate.  I started by trying to do a raw version of Nutella, and it tasted good but never quite reached the nut buttery consistency that I was looking for. Just not quite smooth enough. Maybe it’s my food processor? Anyway, to make the filling creamier, I ended up making cashew cream and combining the two. Again, it didn’t exactly come out milk chocolatey but it tasted great! I firmed up the filling in the freezer, rolled into balls, then dipped them in chocolate and rolled half of them in chopped hazelnuts.

Not sure what possessed me, but I guess I was on a roll by that point, so I also whipped up some chocolate and blonde macaroons from Sarma’s Raw Food Real World. They just came out of the dehydrator this morning and boy, are they good! Enjoy the photos 🙂


4 Comments to “Valentine’s Day treats”

  1. Yum, those look delish! I am just now starting to eat more raw foods though I haven’t sprung for a dehydrator yet.

    Thanks for entering my amazing grass giveaway!

  2. Oh wow! Those looks amazing!! I need to get my dehydrator filled with treats like that! mm!

  3. Your goodies look awesome, and those are three of the prettiest roses I have ever seen:)

  4. OMG…those look so pretty!


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