Toronto’s newest raw hot spot: Cruda Cafe

Thanks to the Toronto Vegetarian Association, veg-minded folks in Toronto are kept well-informed of new restaurants opening in the city. It was through a TVA email update that I first learned a new raw cafe would setting up shop in the St. Lawrence MarketCruda Cafe. I’ve been meaning to visit the Market since moving to Toronto, but unbelievably hadn’t made it down there yet. Since next week is reading week at school, I have a bit more free time and decided to check out both Cruda Cafe and some of the other eats St. Lawrence Market has to offer.

According to the description on TVA’s website, “Cruda Cafe (meaning RAW in Spanish) is the most vibrant, vegan cafe in the heart of downtown Toronto. Located inside the beautiful St. Lawrence Market landmark. We serve vegan organic living foods available to eat in, take out and catering.”

Cruda offers a variety of wraps, soups, salads, juices, smoothies, kombucha and desserts. My bf and I both decided on wraps with fresh veggies. He opted for the cashew pesto, while I went for the raw hummus, and we both loaded them up with carrots, greens, sprout, avocado, and more. The wrap itself was made from corn, and they have a variety of other wrap flavours, including one with sundried tomatoes. They were delish!

According to the owner, Claudia, they have been open for only a week and a half, but have been super busy in that time. Good news, and not surprising given a) the growing popularity of eating more raw food b) the fact that Cruda’s food is really, really good! I noticed on the wall that Claudia has studied at Alissa Cohen’s raw chef school at her five-star raw restaurant Grezzo in Boston. Cool!

I’ll definitely be back.

Last night, I made Kristin’s raw Sweet Potato Apple Curry soup for supper, and paired it with a kale, avocado, red pepper, sprout, and dulse salad. I loved it! Kristin, you’re amazing!

Finally, happy Valentine’s Day! The day started with pineapple-mango-banana smoothies for me and my sweetie. I’m not big into V-Day as a commercial holiday, but if any tasty food is involved I’ll do a recap post.


9 Responses to “Toronto’s newest raw hot spot: Cruda Cafe”

  1. SO glad to hear about more raw restaurants…I want come visit and go eat some good food ; )

  2. I stopped in last week but had already eaten…next time I’ll know better. Thank you for the review, the photos are lovely.

  3. Thanks for the lovely review for CRUDA, is means a lot to me, after all this months waiting and brewing the MENU.
    We hope to grow with truth and compassion.


  4. You’re so welcome, Claudia! Thanks you for the delicious lunch – it’s so great to have another wonderful raw restaurant in Toronto. I can’t wait to come back 🙂

  5. What is that wrap? The 4th photo down?

    • Hi Mike, I forget what the wrap was called, but basically the wrap itself was made from corn (it was tasty), spread with cashew hummus, and piled with sprouts and veggies. Very good! There are other wrap flavours and spreads as well, and you can choose which veggies you want inside.

  6. Hello Claudia,
    I’m very impressed, you are not only a beautiful women but also extremely talented.
    I’m sorry i had to rush off on Sunday,a busy AA day.


  7. I’m coming to visit tomorrow!! Can’t wait!!


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