Beet ravioli with pine nut goat cheese and rosemary cream sauce

This raw ravioli recipe from Sarma Melngailis’ Living Raw Food — one of my favourite raw recipe books. I’ve been planning to make this one for awhile, but I bumped it up to the top of the list after seeing it on the Happy Raw Kitchen the other day. It was totally easy to make — the hardest part was actually slicing the beets thinly enough on the mandoline. The issue there may be that my particular mandoline isn’t exactly what I’d call high quality, and the blade is probably getting dull. It eventually got the job done, however, and here are a few pics of the process and the result!

Ingredients, pre-assembly

The beet slices were stuffed with pine nut cheese, and served with rosemary pine nut cream. I served the finished dish with raw asparagus, marinated in olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper, and dehydrated for an hour or so.

This ravioli is totally tasty – it’s a hit! I’ve had the beet ravioli at Pure Food & Wine, and I’ll admit the version coming out of their kitchen is

My beet-stained hands!

probably superior to anything I’ll ever make at home, but this was pretty good.  I have some extra filling and sauce left, so I might have left over ravioli tomorrow for lunch instead of my usual kale salad. The ravioli recipe is online at Epicurious.

The finished product

For dessert, I made raw chocolates, filled with maple butter — possibly my new favourite way to consume chocolate. I’ll do a separate post soon with that recipe and some photos.


2 Comments to “Beet ravioli with pine nut goat cheese and rosemary cream sauce”

  1. Hi! Thanks for the shout-out:) I don’t trust myself with the mandoline, so I use an electric food slicer…shhhh:)!!! Actually, you can see it in my ‘bacon’ post:)

    Your plate looks amazing with the asparagus:) You are so lucky to have gone to Pure Food and Wine!

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